Mar 14, 2013

Work It Out: Clothing

I'm quite particular about my workout clothing, because I don't really buy a lot of it, and I want it to last. Comfort is also a huge factor, and I'm definitely not the girl at the gym who has the perfectly coordinated outfit.

So, without further ado,

Running Tops:: I'm really bad and wear regular tshirts/tank tops, but I also like Nike Shirts.

Sports Bras:: C9 from Target. I swear by them.

Running Shorts:: Norts

Socks:: I get Nike Calf socks as well as Asics socks from my running store.

Running Shoes::
Right now I'm running in the Brooks Ghost 5 and I love them. They're amazing. However, since I'm out of the stage of playing competitive sports and will just be using them for the gym and occasional run outside, I'm also looking at Nike Free's.

Leggings:: Lululemon Wunder Under. They are my new Tempo's.

Workout Tops:: I have some from Nike and a few from Target. You can't go wrong with a racerback and a cute color.

Where do you get your workout clothes?


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  1. Cannot say enough about target's workout selection! Wonderful choices, so many colors!


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