Mar 7, 2013

College Thursday: Bedding

Originally, I was going to have my bedding be custom made and perfectly matched to my room. Then after talking to Sarah, since she lived in the dorm I'll be living in her freshman year as well, she made an excellent point: this is probably the first and last time I'll be using a twin bed, so why spend a ton of money on sheets etc that are going to be relegated to the guest room at my house by next June?

So now I'm thinking a simple color duvet, colored sheets, which I have right now and LOVE, with accent pillows. But maybe not. There are a plethora options available.

Dorm Suite Dorm has a customizable option for everything. I don't know if I'm going to to go down this road, but it's still an option.

For the super spirited Alabama, UGA, or Auburn girl you can get school sets from Decor 2 Ur Door.

I really like these sheets from PB Teen

And I love this duvet!

I'll do white pillowcases with my monogram like I have now, most likely from LL Bean, since they do a fantastic job with monogramming, and their quality is excellent.

What did you do for your dorm bedding?



  1. Hey Royar!
    I'm a college freshman now and my biggest recommendation to you about bedding is to make it an comfortable as possible. School surrounds you at every turn and your bed is the one place your mind is truly at rest. I went with a Kate Spade comforter from Bed Bath and Beyond that is actually a size: full. I wanted to be able to really curl up and not have to worry about my comforter sliding off me so I went with the larger size and just tuck in the sides. It's also nice because it will fit my bed in my sorority house next year. Seriously get the softest sheets your can find and the fluffiest mattress pad.. you will be so glad when you crawl into a divinely comfortable bed after a long hard day.

    Good luck! Preparing for your dorm room is such fun!

  2. I agree with Katherine to get a size bigger because you'll get way more use out of it and can use it as more of an investment piece. I got all of my bedding from PB Teen and I swear by their sheets. I'm 3 years out of college and will only order sheets from there to this day!! My other recommendation would be to get a duvet cover so you can easily wash it. Your bed becomes a sitting area for everyone else while they are in your room so it tends to get pretty dirty!

    Have fun getting all of your stuff together! I would kill to be back to college!!


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