Mar 26, 2013

AP Exams

With April almost here, I've started to study for my last AP exams! My school lets us take them, but we don't take AP classes, or classes that teach about the test. My sophomore year I took the European exam and last year I took the US History exam. This year I'll be taking Psychology, US Government, English Language and Comparative Government. I really want to do well on them so I can get credit for when I go to school.

What I've learned from studying the past two years and this year:

1. Start early! I did not give myself enough time to study my sophomore year and I didn't do well as a result. It depends on the subject, but for most class it's a years worth of material on one test, so reviewing has been taking a while for me this year.

2. Get books or study guides. I love the REA Crash Course series and Barron's brand, personally.

3. Practice the essays for the history/english exams, because they can really help you if you do well on them.

4. I use Quizlet for everything, but some people do better just reading or just doing questions, it all depends on you.

Fellow high schoolers, are you taking any AP's this year and if so, how are you preparing??


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