Mar 4, 2013

The Perfect Shorts

So it might be 36 degrees here in Virginia today, but since it's technically March, I am literally counting down the days until I can slip back into my favorite shorts!

I have a really hard time finding cute shorts to wear since 3" is a little too short for me and 5" can feel like bermuda shorts, but J. Crew's 4" is just right.

And the colors are too! I really want to add the royal blue and red to my collection this year, and especially the red to wear with my college tshirt!

Where are your favorite shorts from?



  1. Oooh... I didn't know J.Crew had 4" chinos! I normally find the 5" awkwardly too long on my short legs, and the 3" feel revealing (my sister calls me a prude...)- I think the 4" would be just perfect. Thanks for posting this Royar!

  2. J.Crew chinos are the best. I bought a pair from another store because they were too cute to pass up but found myself running back to my dear chinos. Never tried the 4" I'll have to try some before summer!

  3. I really like the length and fit of these. I find myself searching for a reason to add a pair of every color to my closet. I'm also a big fan of the embroidered vineyard vines chinos!

  4. Since when do they have 4"??? I have always run into the same problem..3 is too short and 5 is too long!

    I love Lilly Callahans..they don't seem to wrinkle as bad as J. Crew and are a perfect length!


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