Mar 18, 2013

The "Go Me" Gift

Next week, I have a big interview for a summer internship, and when if I nail it, I want to get myself something nice to mark the start of my big girl career.

The other day I realized that my Brooks Brothers wallet is kind of old. And not as pretty as it could be. I have a Vera card holder that I will use in college, and I might get a new Lilly one, but I need something nice and professional. 

Enter Kate Spade. I obvs love their clothes, but I really love their purses. They're professional, clean, and don't have labels stamped all over them. 

Here are my faves:

The other possibility is a new pair of sunglasses. I thought I was sold on the Ray Ban Cats, but I tried on a pair of Gucci glasses the other day at Nordies, and I'm in love. 

So now I need to keep my fingers crossed and keep prepping for my interview, but I think I have some good motivators.

What is your "go me" gift?



  1. Those Kate Spade purses are to die for.. So cute!

  2. I'm currently using a KS Mikas Pond Stacy and I love it! It's the perfect size, IMO.

  3. What kind of internship is it?

  4. I have one of those KS wallets and LOVE it! The only downside to the ones that zip the whole way around is that they get kind of heavy very quickly (I'm talking they feel like you've got a brick in your purse), but if you plan on using it more as a clutch they are PERFECT and fit EVERYTHING!

  5. I say go for the sunnies! My friend was wearing those Gucci's this weekend for St. Patrick's day celebrations and they looked fabulous!!!

    You won't use a "big" wallet in college at all (if anything, maybe during your senior year you'll convert to a bigger wallet)-- vera/Lilly will do you just fine!


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