Mar 20, 2013

Skin & Makeup

I got an email a few weeks ago asking about my skincare routine. I've been seeing a dermatologist for about a year now, and so I'm on two antibiotics and two different lotions. I really like seeing her and it's important to take care of your skin. Otherwise, I use Cetaphil as face wash twice a day and the lotion as a moisturizer.

Makeup wise, I don't really have any loyalty to brands etc, but I like MAC mascara, and elf tinted moisturizer to give my face some color. I don't really wear makeup unless I wake up early enough to put it on, because to me sleep is more important than eye shadow, and I've never been all that into coordinating my makeup with my outfit. Besides, I'm too pale for most of my makeup right now, and I'd rather not look orange. One day though, I will learn to put it all on correctly and what everything is for, but for right now I'm fine sticking to the basics.

 I just did a spring cleaning of my bag, and threw out some old products, so I want to get some new things, what are y'all liking lately?



  1. I love Clinique's Dark Chocolate Quickliner, it's a super pretty, easy to apply smudge proof eyeliner that gives your eyes pretty shape but doesn't look too overdone!

  2. I will have to try the Elf tinted moisturizer!

  3. You should give the Aveeno BB Cream a try! it's worked miracles on my skin.



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