Mar 2, 2013

March Goals

1. Read. A lot. I feel like I always have my nose in a book, but I need to spend less time on Facebook and more time learning about the world.

2. Get into a workout routine. I'm good with my spin/run/swim cycle, but I'm really bad about going to the actual gym with like, you know, weights and stuff. I need to get over my silly fear/intimidation and just go. 

3. Wake up earlier. I am so bad about waking up at 7:30 and throwing on an outfit, brushing my teeth/washing my face and literally running out the door without breakfast or makeup or anything. This is a sign of senioritis if I ever saw one, but I feel so much better when I get up earlier, and it's a habit I would like to make. 

4. Clean out my closet. Like really clean it out and separate clothes to consign next winter that I didn't wear at all this season. 

5. Get ready for my APs! If all goes well I'll have about a semester of credit when I go to Alabama next year so that's a huge motivator for me! I'm taking English Lang, English Lit, American Government, Comparative Government, and Psychology. Fellow high schoolers, what are y'all taking?

6. Save money. I can spend money like it's going out of style. My next big purchase will be a new pair of ray-bans since mine are totaled, but other than that, I want to start transfering a certain amount of each paycheck to savings, no questions asked.

Happy Saturday y'all!



  1. Definitely do well on those APs- it helps so much in college! I've transferred, changed my major three times, and I'm getting a minor but I still get to graduate in four years thanks to AP credits!

    xo, Blake

  2. Love your goals! I took all of those AP's minus American Gov and got credit for all of them so don't stress too much! I'm saving up for RayBans too ;)

  3. Taking AP United States History and AP Environmental!


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