Mar 29, 2013

A Day In The Life

So I've been really wanting to do this post for awhile, but blackberries were never conducive to on the go picture taking, so I now I have no excuse!

7:15 | wake up, dress, makeup, etc

7:40 | eat breakfast

7:51 | get in car :: i literally never manage to get in my car earlier than this time, not kidding

7:52-8:05 | commute to school :: my NPR session in the morning is one of my favorite times of the day

8:15 | chapel

8:30 | first cup of coffee!

8:35-10:10 | Study Hall

My schedule rotates around, and I have two study halls per day. I love having them in the morning together.

10:10 - 12:45 | Class

1:15 | lunch

1:45 - 3:25 | Class

4:00 | gym or spin class

7:00 | dinner 

7:30 - 10:30 | homework

10:30 | finish any other work, check blog post for the next day, pack bags, make snack for the next day

11:00 | in bed, reading or watching netflix

12:00 | sleep!

Do you follow a daily schedule? What is your routine like?


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  1. Really cute blog! I like this post about your schedule. :) I'm following you now, follow me back if you'd like!


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