Aug 25, 2012

Summer Recap!

Summer 2012, has been without a doubt, the best summer of my life. I'll always look fondly, with a hint of nostalgia, upon these past three months. It's safe to say I've grown exponentially as a person, both personally, professionally, and academically. I got super super tan, one of my main goals, took a ton of risks, reaped the rewards and repercussions, ran a lot, made some serious life decisions, applied to college, studied, shopped, drank a lot of diet coke, gave up Starbucks, stayed up late, woke up early, and got renewed, refreshed, and reacquired a sense of peace.

Ensley came to visit me!

My sweet CIT friend mCe

One of my swim class babies!

My Buzzard, a kind of secret santa at camp, and I!

One of my fave campers after I tied her bandana!

A trip to ATL,


and Tuscaloosa were fun!

A visit with the original Royar!

Many mornings with my toes in the sand

Posin' with Stonewall Jackson's Arm

And new and old friends at ISLC Georgetown...
My friend from Kenya!

SGG love!

Summer 2012, you were the ish. But I can't lie, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are calling my name.


{The Young Southern Prep}

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  1. I work at a summer camp too, that's run by UGA! You have two of my FAVE things in this post AND you look great doing it! Love your blog!


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