Aug 11, 2012

Rainy Saturday OOTD

Rainy Saturday!

Today I'm off at 5:30 (that's A.M.!) to volunteer at a mud run that I'm unfortunately unable to run in due to a joint problem in my hip and my foot! Definitely not the way I wanted to start off my senior year of Cross-Country, as I can't run until my appointment on Tuesday! I'm still very excited to help out as it's for a great cause and to cheer on my friends running!

Hopefully it will stay dry, but I'll be packing my Bean boots and rain coat just in case!

In other news, my little old corner of the world is on the map once again (yeah, remember that one time a plane crashed less than a mile away from me?) because Mitt Romney will be here tomorrow to announce his Veep! I'm super sad I won't be able to be there, but I'll be checking with friends there and on twitter!

Happy Saturday lovelies, and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Interesting to hear about Paul Ryan! Hope you had fun at the mud run anyway! :)

  2. Love the "duck boots"! I swear, this is the year I finally get a pair. Love all the other outfit choices as well.

    I'm excited that his VP is Paul Ryan! He's from Wisconsin, like me, and lives 45 min. away from my city. I've seen him talk a couple of times and, judging from that, I think he'll be a good candidate.


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