Aug 26, 2012

Senior Year!

Tomorrow is my last first day of school. I remember being in second grade, and thinking that surely, I would never make it to high school, let alone senior year. Taking the SAT or ACT? NEVER! (Sadly, I'm doing both in the next two months) But tomorrow, I will wake up, get ready, go to Starbucks with my Mom, and drive to school for the last first time. I'll park in the senior lot, go to my decorated locker through the back of my school, and sit in the front part during chapel. My first official day of 'Office Girl' errand running duties will commence, and I'll sit in the Senior Lounge during my study hall. 

I've been at my school for nine years, and it's super weird that this year will be a year of lasts. My goals for this year include: not developing senioritis until at least March May, not taking any of my final exams, since seniors are exempt if you have a grade above a 90, getting great scores on all my APs, and being accepted to Georgia.

This year will definitely be lots of work, but lots of fun. 

Happy (almost) School Year everyone!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I go back to school for my senior year on Wednesday, I cannot believe the day is here! It's incredibly surreal and hasn't hit me yet. I love that you're going to Starbucks with your mom before school. My mom will most likely still be in bed! Have a great first day back!

  2. Good luck! Senior year was my absolute favorite year in high school. You'll definitely have memories that you'll remember forever!


  3. Senior year will go by fast, so don't forget to enjoy it! It will be the funnest year of high school for sure.

  4. Gahh, I have to take the SAT, too! Best of luck with your year!


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