Aug 15, 2012

And the Senioritis begins!

I'm only half kidding.

This week has been filled with all things senior year. And I don't know how I feel about it.

I parked in our senior lot for our varsity athlete meeting, finally looked at the top shelf in the bookstore for english books, discussed speech topics with my senior speech advisor, and today, I'll take my senior portraits.

I've been spray tanned (which I'm a little obsessed with) to hide my lovely lifeguard strap lines, had my hair and eyebrows done, makeup applied and teeth whitened within an inch of my life.

It's a little sad that these will be the last real school pictures I'll ever take.  It's going to feel weird finally wearing the black drape I've looked at for so long in my yearbooks and in the halls of my school. 

I'm still not sure when it will finally hit me that after nine years at my beloved school, this is the beginning of the end. Maybe in between Senior Luncheon and decorating my locker, or dancing in our pep rally at Homecoming, or donut Thursdays.

But somehow, I still know...


{The Young Southern Prep}

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