Mar 15, 2012

You Are Worth It!

My Mom and I were at Nordstrom last week and we both slipped over to the Beauty Department, she in search of new foundation and I in desperate need of primer.  Thirty minutes later, we were super satisfied and we had met our match made in makeup heaven Beauty Consultant.  We both left feeling refreshed, energized, and extremely happy, because I for one can honestly not remember the last time I bought makeup.  That, plus actual not-sitting-in-leggings-perusing-J. shopping, gets pushed to the bottom when compared to School, Work and the list goes on and on and on. I think sometimes we have to think we have to do it all. We don't. 

Driving home, my Mom shared with me a tip her mom had told her: every month, buy something nice for yourself. If you want that dress, don't wait for it to go on sale. Splurge. We are worth it. And yes, "it" is our x. I just happen to have a serious weakness to dresses. Years later you won't remember the bill, you'll remember the memories and be able to walk into your closet and admire it. Plus at the end of the year? You have 12 new beautiful things. Sometimes a little retail therapy is just all we need to brighten our day.

And just remember, because I know I often forget to tell myself this, You (YES, YOU!) are worth it. 


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I love this tip! It is so true, I usually find myself waiting until something I'm dying for goes on sale, but then I never end up actually buying it! I'm going to take your mom's tip and buy at least one thing I want for myself every month!

  2. such a good tip! And I completely agree- every once in a while, you just have to splurge

  3. Great idea! Sometimes it's really worth the splurge!

  4. Love this!! I will definitely be doing this from now on! XO

  5. I love this tip! Unfortunately though I end up buying myself 12 new things every I may need to appreciate myself a little less haha!


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