Mar 23, 2012

France: Part One

Now that I'm finally getting back into the swing of school and back on Eastern Time, I can finally start recapping my fabulous trip to France!

We flew into Charles De Gaulle, arriving at 7:35 France Time, boarded a bus, and drove to Normandy! Our main visit on Monday was the Mont St. Michel, a commune and monastery.

On the second day, we visited a cheese farm, winery, and the World War Two Museum of Caen.
Half of our group before visiting the baby cows!

At the Vineyard, we met Hugo and Scott!

And I got to play with some donkeys!

The Museum was fascinating, even more so because there was nearly no mention of the United States.

On Wednesday, we visited Pont du Hoc, Omaha Beach, and the American Cemetery. Sadly my camera died about halfway through Pont Du Hoc, but my friend kFe took many pictures for me!
The visit to the beaches was extremely moving.
They have now opened up a few bunkers at Pont Du Hoc, and stepping foot in them was unreal.
My visit to the beaches and cemetery, especially, was wonderful, and one I will never forget.

Up next, I finally make it to Paris!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Oh wow. I did not know they had opened the bunkers - that must be recent!

    I adore that Saint Bernard. Gorgeous dog.

    Thank you for sharing your pics :)

  2. Looks like an amazing trip! I am just dying over the Saint Bernard!


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