Jan 31, 2013

Dream Dorm Room

So naturally I have two college pin boards, one of what I want mine to look like, and a secret one for the roomie and I to start planning!

Here are some of my faves from my board:


Jan 30, 2013

A Hunter-ing We Will Go

With the amount of rain in Tuscaloosa in the past week, I realized it's probably wise of me to invest a good pair of wellies.

Of course I'm going to get Hunter's, but what color?!



Jan 29, 2013

What Royar Read: January

There's Something About St. Tropez - Still can't decide wether I liked it or not.

The Rapture of Canaan - Super easy read, interesting story line.

Into The Wild - Skimmed most of it, but interesting.

The Best Advice I Ever Got - LOVE! Definitely going to buy this in hardcover and take it with me to college

Night Road - Predictable story line, but good.

Hamlet - No. Just no.

SEAL! - This has been in my stack of books from speech research that I never got around to reading, and I enjoyed it.

What did you read this month?


Jan 28, 2013


1. Chicken Biscuit from Chick Fil A

2. A cute outfit

3. Get up ten minutes early
4. Lots of coffee
5. Take a Target/Lulu shopping trip post-school pre-gym.

How will you be making the most of Monday?


Jan 27, 2013

Jan 26, 2013


It's finally winter in Virginia!


Jan 25, 2013

Friday 5

1. A "senior privilege" of ours is that we can get coffee from the refectory anytime in the mornings, so I have grown to love it!

2. Leggings. I honestly don't know how I didn't discover them until this year. I bought a pair from Target last year on a whim before I went to France and they're perfect to wear with a longer shirt and boots!

3. Spin Class. It's such good exercise and it makes my knees super happy!

4. As much as I'm confused by the bitter cold, I actually kind of like it, since it now feels like winter!

5. But then again,


Jan 24, 2013

So College Right Now

So now that I'm a second semester senior and such, I've started to chat with my roommate and we get to pick our room in April! So now comes the fun part, decorating our dorm! Thursdays will now be dedicated to all things college and how I'm going to decorate my room for next year! I also hope to have some of my favorite college bloggers post about their freshman dorms!

Roll Tide!

Jan 23, 2013

Third Times The Charm

The YSP turns three today! I can't believe I've been at this for three years and I never thought that I would still be here doing this!

I also have something super exciting to announce! Remember that one time I went to India? My sweet Momma found out Sunday night that she will be going to Nicaragua as a mission sponsor in February! I'm so proud of my Mommy and I know she is going to be amazing!

Chin Chin to the YSP and to my sweet Momma!


Jan 22, 2013

Little Things

Some "littles" I'm thankful for this week....

...my swim classes, although they might drive me bonkers sometimes, they teach me patience and are a supply of endless hugs and laughter.

...to be stressed about decorating my dorm, because it means I'm going to college.

...coffee. again.

...spin class.

...dear friends who are always there for me.

...leggings. perfect for virginia weather.

What are you thankful for this week?


Jan 21, 2013


Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 84 today. 

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” 

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 


Jan 20, 2013

The In-Between

I'm in phase I of 'the in-between'. I'm done applying to college, I don't have to worry about exam exemptions, know when I'm picking out my dorm room, and APs are in the far distance for now. Phase II will commence once I've trotted across stage with diploma in hand, but haven't quite moved into college. 

But my motivation to do well is at an all-time high. Like all of high school high, comparable to how I felt while studying for my IR class. I guess it's because I'm doing it all for me, not because I'm trying to get into college or get my midyears up, but to stand up at graduation for the honor roll and to know that I left it all on the field when I leave high school for good. 

Maybe things would be easier in our lives if we did them for ourselves, because we're worth it, not because of some goal, lofty or close by. 


Jan 15, 2013

the melissa

Last week I had a pretty crummy go of it, and I decided it was time I bought myself a little "i love me" gift. I've worked really hard these past few months, and I deserve something nice. So after a little lunch and shopping on Saturday, Mummy and I stopped by Nordstrom and I tried these on. 

it's love, y'all. but I can't quite seem to pull the trigger. I can already envision the outfits I'll wear them with, winter, spring, summer, and fall. They're beautiful.

I can't quite seem to pull the trigger, though. What are y'alls thoughts?


Jan 14, 2013

Bowties Bowtique GIVEAWAY

I'm so excited to host a new giveaway with Bowties Bowtique!

There will be two winners who will get ten hair ties apiece!

Good Luck!


Jan 13, 2013

2013, two weeks in

How's your 2013?


Jan 10, 2013

Little Things

Inspired by Haley over at Champagne Toasts and Besos, I would like to share some of the little things I am grateful for this week, because it has not been the prettiest.

...finally taking care of something and knowing you came out on top three months later.

...my precious children in my first hour of swim lessons. they are so happy and excited to learn how to swim and their smiles and laughs and hugs are infectious.

...having fresh fruit for lunch all week.

...two study halls for the first time in my life. no idea how I made it seven semesters with one.


What 'littles' are you grateful this week?


Jan 9, 2013

The 6 Week Sprint

I once read somewhere that you can't sprint for six months, but you can sprint for six weeks, so challenge yourself to accomplish six big things in six weeks. I have about six weeks until I visit Alabama again/Spring Break, so I thought it would be fun to make some mini goals on top of my resolutions!

1. No soda! I know that my resolution was to give Diet Coke up, but I want to see if I can not have any soda at all, because one it's bad for you and two it makes my skin break out!

2. Try a spin class and a new yoga class. This was on my goal list for december and it never got done!

3. Psychology. Enough said.

4. Do really really well on my SAT. (This means actually opening the book and studying.)

5. Play dress up once a week and look fancy, just because it's senior year.

6. Buy myself something nice. I'm worth it. 



Jan 8, 2013

Alabama Wins!

Roll Tide Y'all! Can't wait for #16 next year! 


Jan 7, 2013

Roll Tide Roll!

Today's the big day!

I'm so excited to watch AJ and the rest of the team take on Notre Dame! I think it's going to be a great game and of course I'll be yelling Roll Tide!

Who will you be rooting for today?



Jan 6, 2013


With it so cold and dreary outside today, I wish I was back in Paris!

Strolling along the Champs-Elysees, with a cafe au lait, riding on the Metro, eating macarons, shopping at Hermes, all bundled up sounds like the perfect day to me!

If you could go anywhere today, where would it be?



Jan 4, 2013

Friday Five

1. I found my leopard print headband the other day that had been MIA since Thanksgiving!
Similar here, here

2. While I was a tad sick over the holidays, sadly my appetite was not affected, and I enjoyed way too many holiday sweets. With yesterday being the first day back, I "detoxed" a little bit, and found my new obsession: cucumber. I put a few slices in my tervis for water and carried it around with me all day. After school, I came home and laid down with slices on my eyes for a half hour or so and woke up feeling refreshed! 

3. This elephant keychain from Elizabeth McKay/Birchbox is so precious!

4. I've been using Quizlet a lot for SAT prep/exams/psychology and I love it! You can also download the app for your iPhone and iPad.

5. It was cold and dreary outside yesterday, and today seems the same, but I always listen to Roll With It by Easton Corbin and it brigtens my day right up!



Jan 3, 2013

Second Semester Senior

Today is my "last" last first day of school. It's a new semester, new classes, new start. For the last time. I'm really excited to get back in the swing of things, because this semester is going to be super exciting. And I've also really missed my daily coffee.

It might be still yucky outside, but I'm already really looking forward to spring. I can't wait for it to be warm again, to be able to wear tank tops, Jacks, white jeans, and sundresses. But until then, I'll keep day dreaming of warmer weathers and clearer waters, while freezing my toes off in the cold days of January.

This break has been a mixture of "oh my gosh y'all I'm actually going to Alabama and I'm going to live in Tut and why can't I leave already I want to be there now" and "how am I going to possibly leave my school and all these people I've grown up with?". It rotates back and forth about ten times a day, and sadly, the first is starting to be heard more than the former. It's going to be a huge step out of my comfort zone, but somehow I just know that I've made the right decision, and I'm genuinely so ready to go. But Alabama will come, and one day I won't be in school with my 123 best friends, and I know I will miss it. 

This semester will be rocky, but I'm ready for it. Maybe. We'll see.



Jan 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

1. Go to bed earlier & be more productive in the morning: This was my resolution last year, but I would really like to be asleep before midnight every night so I can get up earlier, and do more, like going to the gym before school.

2. Stop wasting my time on social media: The amount of times I check Facebook and the like is excessive, especially multiple times in a row, just because.

3. Let go of multitasking: There are certain times I need to just let go and focus on one thing at a time. Example: on the treadmill, I feel like I should be reading a book, while listening to music, and reading CNN on the TV in front of me. As Socrates said, "Beware the barrenness of a busy life." I am only one person, so I need to start doing one thing at a time.

4. Stop letting others influence my life: I found a great quote on Pinterest the other day, "A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep." Too often, I let others thoughts about me make me really upset, even if I don't know them or don't like them. I am who I am, and I need to be confident in it.

5. Swim more, run less: While I love to run, it is really hard on my legs/knees/ankles, and I love to swim, bike, etc., and I need to change up my workouts more.

6. Appreciate every day: My life is going to get really exciting this year, but before graduation, camp, recruitment, college, I have a bit to go. I want to really cherish the last few months I'm spending with my classmates and school.

7. Write more in my journal: I love to write, but I always forget to or I'm too tired at night. I love to read my previous entries, and I just need to open up my journal and write, even if it's only a sentence.

8. Less Diet Coke, more coffee: DC is so bad for me, and I want to cut it down to once a week and make it an occasional treat. I also want to start having just water whenever I go out to eat.

9. Take care of myself more: I take care of myself, but I want to start having my nails done every week, doing my hair, start wearing eye makeup every day, and make my life a little more fabulous, even if it just for myself. I'm worth it.

10. Work harder: It's my last semester of high school, and I want to leave my mark and have my best semester yet. This spring, I'm also taking quite a few AP exams and I want to do really well on them so I can take better courses next year. 

What are your resolutions?