Jan 22, 2013

Little Things

Some "littles" I'm thankful for this week....

...my swim classes, although they might drive me bonkers sometimes, they teach me patience and are a supply of endless hugs and laughter.

...to be stressed about decorating my dorm, because it means I'm going to college.

...coffee. again.

...spin class.

...dear friends who are always there for me.

...leggings. perfect for virginia weather.

What are you thankful for this week?



  1. I am loving this post! And don't stress about your dorm room- I know yours will be the best in all of tut!

  2. I love posts like this! It gives everyone insight into what you are thinking of beyond just your blog posts :)
    I'm totally in agreeance about the dorm rooms! I wish I knew who my roommate is so we can start coordinating colors!


  3. That picture of the elephant is amazing, haha!

    Don't stress about decorating your dorm room just yet. You have all summer to figure it out. I know it means that college is coming, but don't worry! College is amazing, and I'm sure you're ready for it!


  4. Hi everyone ! I just started a fashion blog ! I'll be posting a lot more so stay tuned ... Check it out ! xoxo Isabelle

  5. Don't be stressed about decorating your college dorm room, that's what Pinterest is for! :) I am so jealous you're just starting out at college. I was not all that excited to go, and now that I just graduated last May, I miss it more than anything. Enjoy your last semester of HS!

    Checkout my blog if you get a chance, and follow if you like what you see!

    A Pop of Style


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