Jan 20, 2013

The In-Between

I'm in phase I of 'the in-between'. I'm done applying to college, I don't have to worry about exam exemptions, know when I'm picking out my dorm room, and APs are in the far distance for now. Phase II will commence once I've trotted across stage with diploma in hand, but haven't quite moved into college. 

But my motivation to do well is at an all-time high. Like all of high school high, comparable to how I felt while studying for my IR class. I guess it's because I'm doing it all for me, not because I'm trying to get into college or get my midyears up, but to stand up at graduation for the honor roll and to know that I left it all on the field when I leave high school for good. 

Maybe things would be easier in our lives if we did them for ourselves, because we're worth it, not because of some goal, lofty or close by. 


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  1. You have me really missing high school. Second semester of my senior year was really my best time in high school. I will never forget all of the memories I made during that short time period.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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