Jan 29, 2013

What Royar Read: January

There's Something About St. Tropez - Still can't decide wether I liked it or not.

The Rapture of Canaan - Super easy read, interesting story line.

Into The Wild - Skimmed most of it, but interesting.

The Best Advice I Ever Got - LOVE! Definitely going to buy this in hardcover and take it with me to college

Night Road - Predictable story line, but good.

Hamlet - No. Just no.

SEAL! - This has been in my stack of books from speech research that I never got around to reading, and I enjoyed it.

What did you read this month?



  1. I started reading a series named Divergent and another named Matched. Both are fictional stories about young women living in post-U.S.A. uptopian governments, kind of like the Hunger Games. I definitely recommend them.

  2. awesome, i've been looking for something new to read so i'll check these out!

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  3. You read SO much--I'm impressed. I might read There's Something about St. Tropez over the summer!

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