Jan 25, 2013

Friday 5

1. A "senior privilege" of ours is that we can get coffee from the refectory anytime in the mornings, so I have grown to love it!

2. Leggings. I honestly don't know how I didn't discover them until this year. I bought a pair from Target last year on a whim before I went to France and they're perfect to wear with a longer shirt and boots!

3. Spin Class. It's such good exercise and it makes my knees super happy!

4. As much as I'm confused by the bitter cold, I actually kind of like it, since it now feels like winter!

5. But then again,



  1. I just joined a gym and the spin classes are what I'm really excited for :)


  2. What a great "5"... Glad I stumbled across your blog!!

    New follower :)

    The Parlor Girl 

  3. I have the exact same sentiments about hating the heat! However, I would gladly take it over the icy roads we have right now!

    I also wanted to let you know that I have changed my blog name. I was formerly Pearls and Ponies, but I am now Belle of the 'Pack. I'm trying to avoid confusion as much as possible for my followers! Thanks for the support!

    xo, Taylor


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