Jan 31, 2013

Dream Dorm Room

So naturally I have two college pin boards, one of what I want mine to look like, and a secret one for the roomie and I to start planning!

Here are some of my faves from my board:



  1. I'm partial to the first one because I spy some Tri Delta stuff buuut I really do love the twinkle lights on the ceiling! I know whatever you do with your dorm will be amazing because you have such great taste!

  2. These dorm rooms are so beautiful. I wish I had Pinterest when I was in boarding school and college. I love the different color schemes and how lovely they look!

  3. oh my gosh. these dorm rooms are beautiful! I wish mine would look like the top photo! I love the lights!


  4. Wow! If my freshman dorm looked half as good as any of those it would have been amazing! I love the first one, but the last one has a cute sitting area, so I love it too!

  5. Fun. My only wish is that my sons in college -their rooms had just as much style!

  6. How cute!! I love the Lilly beadspreads and room themes. Such fun brightness in the midst of crazy college stress!!

    I love your blog! You have great talent and style. ;)


  7. Love your board. I was an RA of the freshman dorm last year and one of my residents carpeted her entire floor with an old cut out carpet from her home. They coordinated the the room pink and damask and it didn't even look like a dorm room. As long as you decorate over the white brick you'll feel more at home.

  8. Amazing! I love this. I always find inspiration from dormify.com (they have great sorority stuff from the line Ring Ching Ching too, if you're interested in rushing!). I'm jealous that you're so organized! Have you decided where you are going yet?



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