Jan 30, 2013

A Hunter-ing We Will Go

With the amount of rain in Tuscaloosa in the past week, I realized it's probably wise of me to invest a good pair of wellies.

Of course I'm going to get Hunter's, but what color?!




  1. I've got the black ones and I love them. They go with everything, but the red are really tempting because they give that bright color pop in the rain.

  2. I would say black too! I'm constantly wearing mine. I have a lot of the little fleece inserts, so I can add color to them with those! My friend has the green, and they look really cute with a lot of things, but aren't as versatile as the black!


  3. I have a bright pair of red Hunters and love them! It makes me so happy to pull them on when its dreary outside. If you go with red I would say to make sure and have a black or navy rain jacket. Mine is green and sometimes I feel like Christmas walking around haha.

  4. I think navy is the best, as then when you wear skinny jeans it just blends into one clean line. However, you're a Bama girl now, so red might be fun, too!

  5. Black would be my pick,because they would go with everything(especially houndstooth for football games and would also go well with red for games,too)!, But those red ones sure are to die for!! What a tough decision!! When I was at Bama,mine were black,but I didn't have a choice of the ever so fabulous red ones!!Good Luck with the pick!! I know you'll look great in either one!!


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