Apr 9, 2013

Two Great Women

She was the barefoot Queen of pink and green. 

On Sunday, we all really lost a little bit of ourselves with the passing of Lilly Pulitzer. She made our lives a little brighter, a lot more colorful, and way more beautiful. It really truly began with a juice stand, and I definitely wouldn't be who I am today without her. 

The Iron Lady. My role model, what else can I say? The woman who led the way for women in Britain, changed the world, and was best friends with Nancy and Ronnie. 

These were two great women who did everything their way, and didn't take no for an answer.  They definitely left their mark on the world!



  1. a role model of mine,also. Such an inspiration!

  2. No question an outstanding visionary and leader; she believed and released the power and spirit of human en devour and individual enterprise from the entrapment and mediocrity of collectivism. She changed our world for the better despite its current problems; more are free; those who differ are losers.


  3. Both ladies were a great inspiration for sure!


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