Apr 3, 2013

This & That & Rabbit Rabbit

One time I got my wisdom teeth out. Insanity ensued.

Five days, six kale smoothies from Tropical Smoothie, four cheese enchiladas, and two seasons of The Hills later, I have emerged from the cave that is my room, still a little chubby cheeked, and incredibly relieved. It wasn't that it was painful, it was just that my face got really really really fat. No bueno for this girl. There's a reason I was never into the whole Fatbooth app, and I was not ready to start this weekend.

I missed Easter and the chocolate that accompanies it, so now I have awoken to spring and white jeans and Lilly. Sadly, Virginia weather hasn't gotten the memo. But I got a new pair of wedges that are just begging to be worn and I can't wait to finally wear my jacks!

In other scary, terrifying news, I picked my dorm room last night, which means I'm officially going to Alabama! As much I loved Georgia, and was SO excited to be accepted, my heart is in Alabama.

So now it's back to planning for Alabama, and making lots of lists and checking them twice, while wearing my Lilly again!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I haven't gotten my wisdom teeth out yet....I'm dreading it!

  2. I knew you'd pick Bama!! So exciting. But yeah, wisdom teeth… So scary. I watched this video called "I Murdered My Wisdom Teeth" and it was honestly HILARIOUS. Funniest video I have ever watched.


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