Apr 4, 2013

College Thursday: The Little Things

So now that I've picked out my room, I still need to register for orientation (scary), and I'm going to pick out my bedding pretty soon. Going to camp has prepared me well to live in a tiny space and pack efficiently, but there are so many "littles" that I'm scared to forget.

Laptop case
Tide Pods
Towel Wrap
Air purifier
3m command strips

What else did you take/wish you had taken to college?



  1. My freshman year at Clemson I lived in one of the smallest dorms on campus so finding space was difficult. I would recommend lofting your bed if you have the option to, or even putting your bed on risers. If you do that you have a lot more under bed storage (for drawers, or shelving). I lofted my bed, and put a comfy chair, and some storage drawers under it.

    Also don't forget a good headphones, so when your up later than your roommate your music, tv show, or youtube video doesn't bother them. They also helped me tune out obnoxious noises while I was trying to study.

  2. I am a big fan of list making and had a running long list of things for college but you will probably be making a trip to the closest Walmart or Target after you move in for snacks and things you forget like the lightbulb for your desk lamp and batteries for your TV remote. I promise that you will be fine!

  3. I remember someone telling me to make sure to pack a tool kit, first aid kit, and batteries! They ALL came in handy, and I was the only one with a tool kit on my hall so everyone wanted to use it. It was a great way to meet more people during the first few days!!

  4. You'll be fine! Just make lists to be sure and you won't forget anything. I also found a lot of things I brought I never even needed, so just think about things you use in your daily routines and that might help too! Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions :)

  5. Umbrella, rainboots, tylenol, and delicate bag for laundry.

  6. Also, power strips--not extension cords! And lots of them. Did you pick your roommate or are you getting assigned randomly?

  7. I go to boarding school, and I always have to remember tape! Also meds, headphones, water bottle, a lamp to clip onto your bed, hangers, gloves/hats, a mini fan for when it's hot outside--> the in window AC things don't always cool the room down! I also have a pretty large amount of batteries and extra command hooks/ super putty. Ear plugs and an eye mask are also musts!

  8. Number 1.thing I always recommend is a sound machine to sleep with at night,or to use when trying to study .They sell them at Bed,Bath and Beyond and they cost around $49.00 (I always use their coupons) and then get an extra 20%off.It justmakes white noise only(none of that whale,or ocean or waterfall noises)just white noise.It is the best thing EVER,when you have neighbors or noisy suitemates!!

  9. I think with boarding school and college and adult apartment living here are the things I would want:

    1. an emergency kit. You are moving into tornado alley and while it seems dumb you might want a weather radio, a couple extra boost chargers for your phone, some batteries and an LED flashlight.
    2. eye mask (I got one that Gwyneth Paltrow rec'd on her goop newsletter from Magellans.com and it was only $16 and super amazing!)
    3. drying rack for when you have laundry washed but the dryers in the dorm are full.
    4. Air Wick plug ins - I love Sun and Sand scent the most!
    5. A humidifier/dehumidifier. Summertime and Springtime in the South = humidity and it can wreck your dorm so a dehumidifier can help. A humidifier will save you when the dorm temps are cranked up in the winter and your room is super dry. It can kill your sinuses.
    6. behind door shoe rack
    7. noise machine
    8. A clip lamp. Sounds silly but hear me out. LED lights are really powerful now so these last longer than they used to. Some dormmates are really sensitive to lamps, but you don't want to always study in the library. This helps if you are a AM or PM person and they are different. Clips to your book, you can quietly stay in bed to highlight for classes, etc.
    9. power strips
    10. surge protectors for everything
    11. 1-3 extension cord(s)
    12. I cannot remember if you are living in a suite-style arrangement. Make your own cleaning bucket/kit to put under the sink as the housekeeping staff does notreally do a thorough cleaning. A plunger, scrub brush, Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel (stamps into the bowl so no yucky touching stuff), Method Daily Shower Spray to keep shower clean, Windex, paper towels. SOFTER toilet paper! Not the standard crap they give you, ouch. A small trashcan with lid (and go-along trash bags) for you ladies to put feminine stuff in - yes, you will get on the same schedule!
    13. go to Costco/BJs/Sams Club/etc and load up on razors and tampons/pads. Those things are so expensive when you are away from home and picking them up once a month or every other month at the store. Saves money in the end. See if your parents will give you cards to use to get discounts at stores they are members of - CVS, Harris Teeter, Sams Club, Publix, Winn Dixie, etc. Also, see about getting a credit card you can use authorized from their account - like Target. Target lets you get 5% off any purchase if you have their credit card and that might be one your Mom and Dad are receptive to you having.
    14. Go to ULTA and get the huge salon-size bottles of your favorite shampoo/conditioner so you are all stocked up until Fall Break or Christmas.
    15. "ugly" flip flops for the shower. Esp if you are suitemates and your other suite has slobs in it, the shower can get SOOO gross. So, this way you protect your Rainbows from becoming scuzzy and you don't get stuff on your feet.
    16. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get one of those >$5 drain protector. Girls with hair, shower, it gets nasty. This keeps it less gross if everyone agrees to clean it when they get out. So much better than having your shower back up to your feet (vom).
    17. Ask grandparents or parents for magazine subscriptions. Cheaper than buying them at the store, and a fun little pre-college gift from them. Then you will always be getting mail! I also loved getting a copy of my hometown paper every week. Like you might be able to get a deal on the Virginian-Pilot since you are a college student. Worth a thought!
    18. Advil, tylenol, Aleve. They are good for diff things. Roommates will love you for having these. Advil is good/safe for preventing hangovers (take 1 or 2 with a bottle of water before going out), Tylenol for headaches, Aleve for muscular pain. Then you can keep yourself going without issue.

    I wrote a book here! So embarassing but I hope I helped. Always ask me questions if you have any.



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