Apr 24, 2013

The iPad: How I Learned To Love It

Now that I've had my iPad for about a year, I've finally learned how to actually use it in a way that doesn't just include reading on the Kindle app.

1. Pocket :: I installed this to use with Flipboard and I love this app so much. I never have time to read articles at night, so I can always save them to Pocket to read when I have time! It also formats them so there aren't any ads or anything and it's so easy to read. This is definitely one of my favorite apps from the store.

2. Flipboard :: I switched my google reader account to another email and took a bunch of blogs off that I had always skimmed, and installed it on flipboard to read at night. I also read Al-Jazeera, my LinkedIn feed, as well as BBC World News and The Drudge report on Flipboard. It's such a pretty app and I actually like reading blogs better on my iPad!

3. Mail :: Now that I get a lot of news emails from places like Politico and the New York Times, I like to read them on my iPad in the morning instead of trying to read them on my computer or phone.

4. Magazines :: One of my issues of Town and Country got skipped and I bought it for my iPad. While I missed the magazine feel, it was really easy to read, and I'm definitely considering switching all of my subscriptions to my iPad so I don't have to always switch addresses for college and such. It's also much easier to save something to Pinterest!

5. TED Talks :: I love these and have for a long time, but they're so much fun to watch on my iPad and I can be working on homework and have my iPad propped up so I can look at both screens. Same for Netflix.

How do you use your iPad?



  1. Everyone in my school district receives an iPad for our classes and it helps SO much. A majority of our work is done electronically, and we don't even need lockers. Plus, after the school day/year ends, it's yours to keep until you graduate (that was such an awkward way to say that).

  2. I LOVE ted talks. I like my Ipad but LOVEEE the surface. (sorry for the excessive love today) what a great post!! The Preppy Student

  3. I love my iPad too - it took a little bit of time for me to get used to the iPhone as I had the iPad first! Pocket is SUCH a wonderful app, I completely agree. No ads makes me quite happy.


  4. My whole school has to get iPads next years because our textbooks are going to be on there, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. At least half the school has iPads already and bring them in daily, and most of the kids end up going on Twitter/playing games/etc. instead of doing their work so it's hurt a lot of people's grades. I don't get distracted easily though, so I'm sure I'll be fine with it!

    I have the first generation iPad now (I'm getting a new one in the summer for school), and I really only use it for CheckPoints and games. I do have a Netflix account though, so I'll have to keep that in mind!


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