Apr 22, 2013


A few months ago, I started using Netflix, after hearing such great things about it. At first I didn't really use it that much, until I really discovered how much they have online.

This fall I decided to try and watch some shows from start to finish. This fall I did Greek and Sex and the City, and I loved both of them. On Netflix, I've started and finished House of Cards, in an embarrassingly short amount of time, natch, and still rewatch it all the time.

I'm on season one now of Mad Men and The West Wing, and seasons three of The Hills and Gossip Girl. I just love how I don't ever have to change DVDs and how it holds places in the middle. So convenient! 

I've also watched some documentaries and definitely want more recommendations. So far I've watched two National Geographic documentaries: Camp Leatherneck and Inside North Korea. I definitely want to watch more because they're really interesting and make me feel better about watching TV!

Do you watch Netflix? What are your favorites?


  1. netflix is the best! for documentaries I have watched Craigslist Joe, The Business of Being Born,The Queen of Versailles, Monica&David and Dear Zachary! yeah, they are addicting!

  2. I LOVE Netflix! I tend to watch every season of a show before moving on, right now that's Gossip Girl! They don't have season 6 up yet and I'm almost done with 5, so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do! haha

    I really love Prison Break and The Tudors (though there is a LOT of nudity, which I didn't realize until I started watching it, still good though).

  3. I have a serious Netflix problem. I'm currently on season 7 of The West Wing and I'm obsessed. I also love how many classic movies they have because I love them so much!


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