Apr 26, 2013

Friday Five

1. As of today, I have 15 days left of high school. But I still have four AP exams standing in my way. Yucky.

2. The graduation dress is being ordered this week and I'm picking up my announcements from the bookstore today. The fact that I will be holding a diploma in 35 days terrifies me to no end.

3. I'm fine with bipolar weather in like February and March, but waking up to 50 degrees and rainy is getting a little ridiculous in April. I've been living in my Patagonia fleece and my rain coat at school, while reminiscing on the time the A/C broke in the library three weeks ago and we were all sweltering.

4. I nabbed these leggings from Targe last night before spin and they're amazing. They might be Wunder Under knockoffs, but for half the price, I don't exactly hate it.

5. I started writing my article for the May/June SGG and I'm literally so excited about my topic this month and cannot wait to see how it turns out! 


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