Apr 23, 2013

Spring in Photos

One of the cutest sophomores at my school and basically my preppy legacy for the next two years, Katy, and I dressed up a few weeks ago for Lilly!

The Whole Foods in my city has macarons. Nothing will ever be as good as Laduree, but this Salted Caramel one was pretty darn good.

We had sprit week last week and this was preppy day! I got lots of comments about how I didn't look any different, which wasn't surprising.

My sweet friend Megan came up last weekend to visit me in VA for the first time! She's basically the older version of me and I loved showing her around my city.

Since there are so few of us in my graduating class, everyone gets a spot on a poster board to decorate. It was so surreal drawing this!

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. I went to go follow your friend Katy on Tumblr and I already was! Small world.


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