Dec 21, 2010

Roll Tide Y'all

I have been missing my Alabama football something fierce since that heartbreaker to Auburn (But we're not talking about that.) Thankfully this ESPN commercial has surfaced to fill the gaping hole in my life left by the end of the regular season.

Roll Tide


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Even though I'm a huge Auburn fan, I still love this commercial because it's SO TRUE! I obviously say War Eagle instead of Roll Tide, but it seems that every situation deserves a War Eagle/Roll Tide. Especially when things are awkward hahaha I wish they did an Auburn one too but I know you love this!! And that news clip is my local news haha Oh, the SEC.

  2. Have you seen the Texas/Alabama ESPN game day commercial featuring Mack Brown and Nick Saban? It's my favorite!!! I'm glad you are a college football fan xoxo

    ps. hook'em


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