Dec 26, 2010

I'm Looking At A White Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, filled with friends and family! I had a wonderful day with the fam and I received many wonderful gifts and many Alabama gifts.  Yesterday also proved that PB and I know each other too well.  We both got each other Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the SEC!

Last night, we even got snow! I was a little bummed that some of my friends in North Carolina got a White Christmas, but it started snowing about eight and it stuck! Tomorrow I'll post some of our traditional Christmas recipes! 

How were y'alls Christmases? Did everyone get what they wanted?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Thanks to you, I have sooo many books I need to read! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Ps. I saw your tumblr question to College Prep about your MacBook and I was going to say I got a speck hard plastic case in turquoise to protect it from scratches and what not and then I also got the Vera Bradley case to use for travel. That's what I would suggest - xoxo


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