Dec 11, 2010

Arma virumque cano...

Right now, I am most likely sitting and taking my Latin 4 midterm on The Aeneid. Yes, it's true, I am spending my Saturday at school, voluntarily.

I have concluded through the study of the first two books that 
1. I thought I was good at Latin. Then I met Virgil.
2. See #1
3. Virgil had no life
4. The Greeks/Romans/Trojans were crazy people
5. There are 3209482 different names for each of the deities

I have since decided that I'd enjoy returning to the happy world of Cambridge Latin Books. 

Quintus, Cogidubnus and Salvius made my heart warm whenever I cracked open my book. I would give a lengthy summary, but I highly doubt anyone really wants to know about the adventures of fictional Roman family.  When we finished the last book last March, I was the only one dabbing my eyes with my hankie there wasn't a dry eye in the class . Now I have been thrown into the world of no pictures, no cute little story lines and unappealing characters. Add to this already disastrous mix a 66 year old teacher who wears sandals with tights and went to JMU when it was an all-women teaching college. It's a simple recipe for failure. 

I just know who I'll be delivering one large plate of cookies to come Monday morning.


{The Young Southern Prep}

Title: 1st 3 words of Book 1. We were supposed to memorize the first 11 lines. Guess how many I learned?


  1. This is hilarious. And you are more than slightly crazy.

  2. I hope the final went well!!! Don't give up on Latin yet.... Virgil will grow on you!! (This is coming from someone who took 9 years of latin! ) haha

  3. HAHAHA we SO used Cambridge with Syphax too--don't forget him! "The man of courage..." or "The man of honor..." or any of those typical phrases! It'll be worth it once you're in college!!

  4. I, too, thought I was good at Latin... until I took AP translating Virgil! I missed the Cambridge books... big time. Enjoying your blog!


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