Feb 28, 2013

College Thursdays: Visit to Tuscaloosa!

I had such an amazing visit to Tuscaloosa last weekend!
My trip down was made better by a quick stop in the US Air club

It was rainy on Friday, but it didn't hamper my trip one bit!

My Dad and I went to Baumhower's and I had some really good Beignets. I mean better late than never, right?

The sun finally came out on Sunday before we drove back to Birmingham and of course I had to get a picture of Bryant-Denny!


Feb 26, 2013

Let's Get To Know Each Other

I was inspired by Lindsay's post on The Pursuit of Style the other day, and since I've gained quite a few new readers in the past few weeks, I thought I would do my own "let's chat" post!

So tell me....

Name: Royar
Location: Virginia
Quote of the Moment: "Buy the ticket, take the ride"
Last book you read: Henna for the Broken Hearted by Sharell Cook
Dream Spring Break location: A hot beach
One thing on your lust list: LV Speedy 30


Feb 25, 2013

6x6 Update

Since Sping Break starts on Friday, my 6 week sprint is over!

How did I do?
1. My addiction to Diet Coke is dunzo!
2. As if I haven't talked about how much I love spin class enough...I definitely checked off this goal!
3. I got my third quarter grade for psychology before I left on Friday, and I have a 98!
4. Didn't take the SAT...woops! Thanks snow day!
5. I have definitely dressed up and have found some good new outfits to wear!
6. I definitely bought myself something nice. And I really haven't stopped wearing my boots.

Have you accomplished your new years goals?


Feb 24, 2013

Thought For The Week

I can't believe it's the last week of February! What's one thing you told yourself you would try this month?


Feb 23, 2013

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

Since I will be flying back and forth to school at least for my first year, I got a preview of what it will be like yesterday, and of course I'm excited that it will always include a stop in Charlotte! I've always enjoyed flying ever since I was little, and after my marathon flights to China, France, India, my 45 minute jaunts to Charlotte and DC seem like nothing! 

1. I always like to dress up when I fly, because you never know who you might meet or sit next to! 

2. I always use flying as my excuse to read People, Glamour, Cosmo etc etc and it's a way to quickly pass the time!

3. I'm a faithful flyer of US Airways, passed down from my family, and a member of US Airways Dividend Program, as well as Air India and Star Alliance, and will probably start a Oneworld since American and US Air are merging! The miles really add up, and it's just like being a member of Sephora or Starbucks!

4. Carry On. I always like to keep certain things with me when I travel, like little notebooks for random thoughts I have and my own water bottle so I don't get dehydrated!

5. I love Target and Sephora's travel section for their small, TSA approved carry on items! I only checked a carry-on yesterday, which is quite rare, so the 3 oz. rule is something I never have to think about! Thankfully, most big brands now make travel sized goodies!


Feb 22, 2013

Friday Five

1.Yesterday, I got up and went to spin at 6. In the morning. For a non morning person, this was huge. But I really did like getting my workout in before school and it definitely freed up my afternoon!
2. TheSkimm is officially my favorite email to get all day, other than sweet comments from my readers! It makes keeping up with my news so much easier than having to read three or four different websites.
3. J. Crew's new arrivals. This top would be oh-so-perfect with my white jeans!
4. Is anyone else terrified that a week from today is March 1st? I'm ready for it to be warm, but also ready for 2013 to slow down!

5. I leave for Alabama this morning, and I can't wait to meet my sweet roommate this weekend, as well as be back on campus as an accepted student!


Feb 21, 2013

The 5 Things Every College Freshmen Should Know

I first must say thank you so much to Royar for asking me to guest blog for her! Royar and I work together on The Smart Girls Group, an international sisterhood for girls from middle school to college that works to connect, inspire, and empower girls through contribution to the community. We have a monthly digital magazine, a daily blog (which is about to get a facelift!), and campus chapters throughout the country. Royar writes an AMAZING column for our magazine called “The Smart Girl Is Aware” and it is a column all on current events going on in our world. I’m so lucky to be able to work with her and I’m so excited to guest blog for her today!

I am in the midst of my second semester at Fordham University in New York City. Just like every college freshmen, there are ups and downs, and lots of adjusting, in more ways than I ever imagined. So when Royar asked me to write about college, I decided I would write about the 5 Things Every Incoming College Freshmen Should Know. 

1. Schedule everything and follow that schedule. 
This is a big one! You may follow a strict schedule in high school now, but with more freedom, less time in class, and an entire campus at your fingertips, trust me, it can be hard to stay as disciplined as you may have at home. My suggestion is to use Google Calendar. I schedule in every minute of every day, and then add in my to-do list to the task area. This way, I get notifications on my phone, my Mac’s iCal, and via email (you can change these settings as well). I am held completely responsible to sticking to my schedule that way! I also use an agenda for daily goals, specific homework assignments, and reminders. It’s a system that works for me, but may not work for everyone. Just remember to stick to your schedule. 

2. Don’t have any social expectations.
I made this mistake. I went in with expectations for what I would do socially, who I wanted to hang out with, how I wanted certain relationships to be. I assumed the first people I met would be my best friends. In all honesty, that idea came because my boyfriend, who is a sophomore at another school, is still best friends with the same people he met the very first day. The truth is, it doesn’t usually work out like that. Most people I know have different friends now than they had at the beginning of last semester, and that’s totally normal. My problem was I wasn’t particularly open to that concept. However, after I opened up my mind, let go of my expectations, and just did my thing, I met the best people and now, I couldn’t be happier. I do what I want to do when I want to do it, which can be hard because most people do the same things as far as the college social scene. You don’t have to, though. The key is to surround yourself with people who will lift you higher, not knock you down, and at the end of the day, you must be independent. The people that fail to see college as an opportunity are those who are too dependent on their friend group. 

3. Buy a lot of socks and bobby pins.
Seriously. I’ve seen chocolate last in my room longer than socks and bobby pins. And that’s saying something.

4. Dive in, again and again.
Some may disagree with me on this, but freshman year is the year for you to discover in more depth your interests and who you are. The only way to do this is to take initiative and just try things. At the club fair, sign up for the email list for any and every club that interests you. If you hear about an internship, see if it fits into your schedule. No matter what, don’t play the “I’m only a freshman and I have time for all that.” The people that get ahead are the people that get started from the very beginning. If something becomes too much, prioritize and drop those activities that don’t hold a high spot on the list. I took on a lot from the beginning and my schedule is jam packed, but I have learned more about myself in one semester than in four years of high school. Bottom line: dive in!

5. Find something that keeps you stable.
College can be a high stress environment.  Find one or two things that keep you sane. Personally, I know that if I work out every day, even if it is just 10 minutes of high intensity interval training, I feel at ease with things. I started doing that more this semester and I’m proud to say, I’ve worked out every day of 2013 so far! I also meditate on a daily basis. I know that may sound funny, but usually I just will take 5 to 15 minutes, find a guided meditation video on YouTube, and I’m in good shape. It just clears my mind and is very relaxing. No matter what keeps you sane, make sure that you always find something that will keep you relaxed for a few minutes every day. You will find that taking the time to do this leads to a healthier, happier you.

Well, thank you so much for reading and thank you so much to Royar for having me! I hope you have a great day!

Be smart share smarts,
Emily :] 

Thanks Emily! xx

Feb 20, 2013


I've had my iPhone for about two months now, and I absolutely love it! 

My favorite apps are: Quizlet, Dropbox, Kindle, Twitter, Instagram, Nike+, Walgreens, Starbucks, GasBuddy (weirdly addicting), Google Maps, and BBC. 

Mail is incredibly convenient and so much better at managing three accounts than the Blackberry was!

My Town & Country magazine subscription got messed up and I missed my February issue, so I ended up buying it on Newsstand, and I'm seriously considering switching it over to digital this summer when I leave for school. I'm also going to buy a few magazines on my phone rather than buy the copies for my plane ride on Friday! 

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Do you use your Kindle/Newsstand App?


PS So excited for my sweet Mummy who leaves today for her Operation Smile mission in Nicaragua!

Feb 19, 2013

Study & Organization Tips!

As my third quarter is slowly coming to an end, (really, really, really slowly) I am kind of dumbfounded that I actually only have one more quarter left of high school. However, my motivation to do well is at an all time high. Sitting in class? Not so much. But homework? Bring it on.

I've definitely refined my study techniques and organization methods during high school and I expect to keep a similar system in college!

1. Planner. I use the Lilly planner, and I absolutely love it. It has enough room for everything I need, and the super cute illustrations don't hurt either.

What it looks like after a normal week.

2. Moleskine. I use a Moleskine to write down little things that need to get done everyday that might not fit into my planner. I've kind of started to use my iPhone reminders more than this, but it is really relaxing to write it out each night.

3. Color-coordination. I use pink, orange, navy, lime, and periwinkle for my five different classes and all of my class notes are taken in a five subject notebook that have the same colored tab. The binders also match, as well as my felt pens for writing in my planner. 

4. Quizlet. I honestly don't know what I would do without quizlet. I use it to study for Psychology, but will start to use it more as I start preparing for AP exams. It is such a lifesaver and works really well.

5. Study Guides. I always make study guides for tests, because it kind of wastes time in my eyes while still being productive. Extra points if they turn out cute.

This might all seem a bit extreme, but it works for me, and why mess with perfection?

What system, if any do you use to stay organized?


Feb 18, 2013

YSP Playlist #8

Here's what I've been listening to as of late:

Let's Groove - Earth Wind and Fire
Holland Road - Mumford And Sons
White Blank Page - Mumford and Sons
Daylight - Maroon 5
Love On Top - Beyonce
Don't Gotta Work It Out - Fitz and the Tantrums
Ready To Roll - Artist Vs Poet
How Country Feels - Randy Houser
Try - P!nk
Gold feat. Tyga - Neon Hitch 
Feel Again - OneRepublic
Sunshine - Matisyahu

What are your favorite songs this week?


Feb 17, 2013

Feb 16, 2013

Royar's Current Wish List

I scheduled this post before I bought my new boots meaning I am on a spending freeze for awhile, but I still have a few things on my wish list!

1. Ray-Bans! I broke mine last summer when I stepped on them (silly, silly me) and I am kind of glad because I need a new style. The wayfarers are a little old, while never out of style, but it's time for something new and fresh!

2. A new Lilly shift. I tried this on last weekend at the shop and it is so cute! The bows are perfect and the exposed zipper is just enough!

3. Hunter's. I need to try these on again and decide on my color!

What is on your wish list?


Feb 15, 2013

Friday Five

1. I won a giveaway back in December for a MOO.com credit, so I ordered some business cards! They're so cute and I can't wait to use them!

2. I got new stationery for Christmas, and I just love writing notes on it! One of my goals for Lent is to write a few more letters. Snail mail is the best kind of mail after all!

3. I dropped off my white jeans to get the button fixed on Tuesday and I'm taking some old spring clothes to get consigned tomorrow. That MUST mean spring is on the way, right?

4. My mom and I made Skinny Taste's Whole Wheat Pancakes for Fat Tuesday. They were delicious and another great thing I've gotten from Pinterest!

5. Happy Valentine's Day to me! I finally pulled the trigger on my Melissa's this week! Cheers to working hard.


Feb 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

As I've said before, I don't honestly see the importance in getting worked up over a day that really shouldn't be different than any other day. It's great if you have a significant other, or if you're doing something special for today. Today is just not for me, but I'm not going to sit around and be bitter about the fact that I'm as single as a dollar bill. 

Readers have asked me before if I have a boyfriend, and no I don't, nor have I ever been on a date. But I don't let that define me. I have an amazing life and one that is full of love. I'm not at a point yet in my life where I feel pressured to have a boyfriend, and I'm grateful for that, yet I know that those days are ahead of me. 

To me, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate the love I have in my life, and tomorrow life will go on. Besides, if you're your own Valentine, you know exactly what to get yourself.


Feb 13, 2013


Happy Ash Wednesday! I can't believe it's the start of Lent and that Easter (and spring) is 40 days away! I really struggled with something to give up for Lent, since I don't really have any vices, if you discount mexican food. I don't eat lots of red meat, I don't drink soda, giving up coffee is out of the question, and my chocolate intake is well regulated. So I decided to give up french fries. I don't eat them a lot, but I tend to indulge a little more than I should, especially at school. And it's good for my diet. A win-win if you will.

Do you observe Lent? What are you giving up?


Feb 12, 2013

Signs of Senioritis

How to spot a second semester senior with this terrible disease:

1. Inability to get up before 7:30, even though they went to bed at 10:30 the night before.

2. Typical phrases include, but are not limited to, "How many days until spring break/prom/exemptions/APs?", "Is this homework required?", "I need to register for room selection/orientation/find a roommate", "Do I have to go to school today?", "Today I watched two movies, took a quiz, and had two study halls. In five classes."

3. Outfits are reduced to "Days when one wants to try and look good" and "Leggings/Ponytail".

4. Occasional bursts of motivation. These are few and far between.

5. Backpacks left in car or at home, strewn with half done soduku and crossword puzzles. 

6. Getting kicked out of the library. Oops.

PS In spite of my posts about senioritis and not caring anymore, I'm on track to make high honor roll for the first time in high school. I still have some goals to make.


Feb 11, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Studio C Greek To Me Collection

A few weeks ago, Melissa at Studio C contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a giveaway with their new Greek To Me collection! Office supplies and a cute pattern? I couldn't say yes fast enough!

I came home on Wednesday to a huge package - such cute loot!

Using these will definitely make second semester much more bearable! Melissa is offering all of this to one lucky reader! 
Also, all YSP readers will recieve at 20% discount at the Carolina Pad store through February 28th! Enter YoungPrepCrush to get your discount!

Happy Monday!


Feb 10, 2013


Deepak Chopra said, "The things we fear the most have already happened to us". There aren't many things in life I fear, but there are some things that I would definitely rather not do. This week I tackled things that were not on my 'to do' list per say, but they had been weighing me down. What have you been putting off for yourself? 


Feb 9, 2013

The Beginning of the End

Today, I get to go try on graduation dresses at one of our bridal salons in town! They have to be full length and a crisp white, so my options are limited, but endless thanks to bridesmaids dresses!

Some of my favorites are from LulaKate

and of course, J. Crew


Feb 8, 2013

Friday Five

1. nutella + a ritz cracker. thank me later.

2. the elsa top from lilly might be my most favorite shirt.

3. i'm visiting Alabama in two weeks and i still don't have a dress. cue anxiety.

4. painted nails = life automatically pulled together

5. i'm really, really, really ready for it to be warm again. i've had enough of this cold nonsense. my feet are begging to wear jacks again!


Feb 7, 2013

Unnecessary Luxuries

Sometimes your week needs a little pick me up. Sometimes your Visa is just begging to be swiped. Sometimes you need something that will absolutely turn your day around.

My two favorites?


What are your favorite mini pick me ups?


Feb 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

Today, Ronald Reagan would have been 102 years old.

I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there's purpose and worth to each and every life.

Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.

There are no easy answers' but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.


Feb 5, 2013

Work It Out: Resolution 5a

There should be a subsection under my 5th resolution for workout more, eat less, drink more water, blah blah blah. I've really been trying to get in shape for college and since I'm not playing sports anymore due to injuries in my foot and ankle, it's a little harder than when I used to be a two sport athlete.

Track your calories/write down everything you eat. It works really really well for me. It's easy, teaches you portion control and it works. Simple as that. Great apps are Lose It and MyFitnessPal.

Drink water, not soda. I gave up Diet Coke for a new years resolution, and while I still have a sleeve in the house for when I really need a zero calorie caffeine fix, I don't drink one every day. I've also cut back on my coffee to one cup in the morning. The rest of the day I drink water from my Nalgene. If I really need something to add taste, I'll throw a few cucumbers in my bottle.

Look at serving sizes. It really makes a difference. I used to have no clue what a tablespoon of peanut butter actually looked like, or what a serving size of chicken was. You wouldn't not measure out the different ingredients for baking cookies, so why not do it for yourself?

Fruits and vegetables really do fill you up. They're also super good for you.

I rarely eat fast food, and if I do it's only Five Guys or Chick Fil A, which I don't really even consider fast food. One, it adds up, and two, most of mass prepared food is actually disgusting. I love a good chicken biscuit, but only on the occasion. I've even given up my Starbucks fix!

Make a plan to go to the gym, and stick to it. Getting in the car to go to the gym is the hardest part to me. Once I'm on my way, I'm fine. I help teach swim lessons twice a week or if I'm just working, I'll normally not start until an hour after school ends, so it's a perfect amount of time to go to the gym.

Change it up. I do spin class, I swim, and I run. It's good for your muscles, it prevents boredom, and they all clear your head in a different way. I always swim if I want to relax, run if I'm angry, and spin if I need a reality check.

Reward yourself with material things, not food. I've been known to say "I've worked really hard, I deserve that second piece of cake etc etc etc", yes you might, but material things last longer. A manicure or a new pair of shoes comes to mind. Or for me, Lulu. I look good in spin class, and I'm motivated to go. I think that's what Stephen Covey would call a win-win situation.

If you want to judge yourself by the number on the scale, go ahead. I use it as a reference, but I don't beat myself up over it. I am tall, and very muscular, and muscle weighs more than fat. Simple as that.

It takes time. Be patient.


Feb 4, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals

Harwin Dress. I really wanted this as a graduation dress but the slit doesn't really scream 3pm day wear. Le sigh.

What were your favorites from the new line? I'm so ready for spring to get here!


Feb 3, 2013

The Finish Line

Right now, it's really easy to get caught up in the finish line. I'm barreling down the pike of high school, yet when I leave in August, I'll be leaving a lot more behind than just my city. I need to enjoy this time, and it's hard to appreciate it for what it is now, knowing it will never come again. But the finish line will still be there. 


Feb 2, 2013

DIY Dresser Tray!

I love to have a catch-all on my dresser for my perfumes, and as you can see, candies from India, and shotgun shells. I picked up this tray from Hobby Lobby, as well as a sheet of scrapbook paper and large, raised individual letters. This could also be done with a big sticker monogram that would be just as fab, no? This took me maybe all of twenty minutes to pull together and it looks so cute sitting on my dresser!

Voila! Happy Saturday!


Feb 1, 2013

Friday Five

Rabbit, Rabbit!

1. Lululemon. I've sold my soul to the Lulu devil, but at least I'll look good, right?

A pair of black wunder under crops are mine, all mine, and they made spin class last night oh so fab.


In case you needed a peptalk to make it through the day, here ya go.

3. My phrase of the week is "you have cat to be kitten me right meow". Yes, it's funny and yes, I still wonder why I'm single.

4. J. Crew, Lilly, and VV catalogs arrived this week. Can spring hurry up already?

5. THIS actually is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever.