Feb 22, 2013

Friday Five

1.Yesterday, I got up and went to spin at 6. In the morning. For a non morning person, this was huge. But I really did like getting my workout in before school and it definitely freed up my afternoon!
2. TheSkimm is officially my favorite email to get all day, other than sweet comments from my readers! It makes keeping up with my news so much easier than having to read three or four different websites.
3. J. Crew's new arrivals. This top would be oh-so-perfect with my white jeans!
4. Is anyone else terrified that a week from today is March 1st? I'm ready for it to be warm, but also ready for 2013 to slow down!

5. I leave for Alabama this morning, and I can't wait to meet my sweet roommate this weekend, as well as be back on campus as an accepted student!



  1. I am loving all of the new arrivals at both J. Crew and J. Crew Factory! I can't wit for some warmer spring weather so that I can we're everything!


  2. How exciting! Have fun in Alabama meeting the roommate for the first time is always so much fun.

  3. So exciting you get to meet your roommate!!!

    And you just made my day about the skimm emails. We have current event quizzes in pr class of mine and lets just say I don't always do great! Have a good weekend!!!!


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