Feb 15, 2013

Friday Five

1. I won a giveaway back in December for a MOO.com credit, so I ordered some business cards! They're so cute and I can't wait to use them!

2. I got new stationery for Christmas, and I just love writing notes on it! One of my goals for Lent is to write a few more letters. Snail mail is the best kind of mail after all!

3. I dropped off my white jeans to get the button fixed on Tuesday and I'm taking some old spring clothes to get consigned tomorrow. That MUST mean spring is on the way, right?

4. My mom and I made Skinny Taste's Whole Wheat Pancakes for Fat Tuesday. They were delicious and another great thing I've gotten from Pinterest!

5. Happy Valentine's Day to me! I finally pulled the trigger on my Melissa's this week! Cheers to working hard.



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  2. Your stationary is so precious! I just ordered some new sets! Good luck with lent!

  3. I love getting to see what you did with the Moo.com credit you won in my giveaway! Your business cards are beautiful!
    -xo- Angela

    The Southern Fried Bride


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