Feb 19, 2013

Study & Organization Tips!

As my third quarter is slowly coming to an end, (really, really, really slowly) I am kind of dumbfounded that I actually only have one more quarter left of high school. However, my motivation to do well is at an all time high. Sitting in class? Not so much. But homework? Bring it on.

I've definitely refined my study techniques and organization methods during high school and I expect to keep a similar system in college!

1. Planner. I use the Lilly planner, and I absolutely love it. It has enough room for everything I need, and the super cute illustrations don't hurt either.

What it looks like after a normal week.

2. Moleskine. I use a Moleskine to write down little things that need to get done everyday that might not fit into my planner. I've kind of started to use my iPhone reminders more than this, but it is really relaxing to write it out each night.

3. Color-coordination. I use pink, orange, navy, lime, and periwinkle for my five different classes and all of my class notes are taken in a five subject notebook that have the same colored tab. The binders also match, as well as my felt pens for writing in my planner. 

4. Quizlet. I honestly don't know what I would do without quizlet. I use it to study for Psychology, but will start to use it more as I start preparing for AP exams. It is such a lifesaver and works really well.

5. Study Guides. I always make study guides for tests, because it kind of wastes time in my eyes while still being productive. Extra points if they turn out cute.

This might all seem a bit extreme, but it works for me, and why mess with perfection?

What system, if any do you use to stay organized?



  1. I do the EXACT same things. Lilly planners and study guides save my life!

  2. These tips are great! I'm always looking for new study techniques, and I'm so glad that you made a post on this. Quizlet is definitely a lifesaver for me!



  3. I`m on my last year in my BA in English literature, and I make very similar study guides before every exams! With a lot of color codes! And it works great! It makes it a lot easier to read and makes me chearful with all those pretty colours!:-)

  4. I truly believe that having a pretty study guide makes me more focused on what I'm studying. It makes sense I guess... Who desn't love pretty things?



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