Feb 10, 2012

Update on NYE Resolutions

1. Stick with my running club and yoga: Sadly, I have been out of town or occupied with fun things (i.e. the SAT) so I haven't been back to my running group since New Years Day, but once I'm free, I am going back. I have gone to Yoga every week and I want to pick up an extra class on Monday or Tuesday.

2. Stop bringing my computer to bed with me: This is going really well except on the weekends when I need to just go to bed and do it in the morning.

3. Go to bed earlier: Realllllly need to work on this, thanks to Junior Year.

4. Read more books: So far I've read 6 out of my 150 which is good since January has been insane. Since I have two big trips coming up with lots of time flying, I hope to read a bit more in the next months!

5. Follow the 5 P's: So far, I'm two assignments ahead for my History Thesis on Ronald Reagan. I've already found most of my sources and I'm working on my outline! I do really need to get hopping on my mission donations! 
6. Keep my Starbucks visits to once a week: This is been a bit difficult, but I've cut back a lot in the past month!

7. Make a budget and stick to it: I made an account on mint.com and it's really useful!

8. Take it one day at a time: This will always be a daily reminder to myself. I've been using a Moleskine, which I'm doing a post on next week, to make daily to-do lists, just for that day. It really helps!

9. Give and work more for big things outside of school: So far this year I've been published in the NY Times, joined a magazine that will be published in April, been assigned my mission to India, and taken the SAT. 

10. Stop and enjoy the little things; Let go of things that are out of my control

If it's anything I've learned so far this year, it's that good things truly do come to those who wait. I'm at a peak, and looking out across the landscape from the top of my mountain. I know there are and will be many more valleys for me to transcend, but right now, I'm enjoying the glow of the spotlight as long as I can.  

Happy Friday!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Good morning from L.A.!

    Royar, I think it's wonderful that you're being so honest about your resolutions. They aren't easy to keep, but you seem to be doing a very admirable job. You go girl! Have a great weekend,



  2. Wow, you're doing pretty well! I definitely need to cut back on Starbucks, too, but the fact that it's right next to my school makes it sooo hard!

  3. Congratulations on everything! You are doing so great! And I'm so happy about the NY Times!!! That's wonderful! We will be talking within the week about the magazine. Have a great night! :]


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