Feb 24, 2012

This & That

My life is all over the place, therefore my post today is all over the place. Great? Great.

1. Please tell me I'm not the only person in the world who is incredibly amused by The Bachelor this season. Please enjoy my screenshots courtesy of Hulu.

Courtney is crazy pyschopathic weird annoying interesting.

Like what are you doing with your life Court?

Besides petting tarantulas and pretending to kill people?

Ben is just not that great. He's kinda vanilla, and the one thing he has going for him, the whole winery-sonoma-thing? It's gone by the wayside.

I hope he ends up with Courtney.

2. While at the gym Wednesday night, kicking off Lent in style, reading Glamour and staring at myself watching the CNN Republican Debate, with my hot hot hot Navy BFFs, nbd, I realized that in every question posed to Newt, he gives a perplexed face for a few seconds and then begins to answer. I don't honestly know why I find this hilarious, but I do. Political girl problems?

3. Yesterday, I wore my jean jacket for the first time since October and went sans pea coat as it was seventy five degrees! The first day or two when Spring shows is always so wonderful. 

4. It was all fine and dandy, however, until my car nearly died on the interstate but thankfully I was able to get to a Walgreens to call AAA. Quick PSA: Become a member of AAA or something akin to their services. Seriously a lifesaver. Sadly my car is now in the shop...and it might be on it's last leg, which is making me more sad than it should. I mean, it's from 1998! But as PM and I strolled around the parking lot looking at new cars, it honestly made me a little sad. I'm praying that it's just a quick fix and I'll be back with my car in no time!

5. Act of Valor Tonight. I haven't been this excited for a movie in a long time. 

6. Spring Break/Paris in one week. I still can't believe it.

Happy Friday y'all!

{The Young Southern Prep} 

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  1. Hahaaha Courtney cracks me the heck up. Their faux wedding literally had me cringing!

  2. Goodness Courtney KILLS me! I cannot stand her, and I hope that they do end up together because Ben deserves her after everything that she has done to him that he has put up with. The best would be if Ben proposes to her and then says NO. I would just laugh.

    My little camry (she as a '93) was the BEST car ever! She finally died in 2010 :( Loved that car more than anything!

  3. Courtney is absolutely ridiculous.. and Ben just makes me shake my head. He's the most boring bachelor EVER. Courtney is so crazy, I just don't see how he can't see it.

  4. Haha, I haven't been watching it, but I agree that Ben is just not anything special! Hope your car's okay, too! :)


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