Feb 7, 2012

Le iPad

I said I never would. 

Before we make this too dramatic, please note, I also said this about:

Uggs, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Crocs, being a Vegetarian, and Eli Manning.

Before you cry foul, Uggs are extremely comfortable for the one day of snow we get a year, two, that was seventh grade, three, it's really awkward when your Mom brings home the Hunger Games in March 2011, you read three pages and decide it's stupid, and now a year later, you're 187 on the hold list at the library, four, the shell beach at camp and Royar's Essie painted feet do not mix, five, read Skinny Bitch, and six, he was just named Super Bowl MVP. And he got a Porche. Sorry, PB.

I didn't need it.

It was a waste of money.

Y'all. Royar wants an iPad. 

After traveling to China last summer avec books, magazines, and Macbook, I realized just how HEAVY it all can be. With France and India coming up, 1.3 pounds vs. a 10 pound backpack, makes a lot of difference.

Plus there's just so much I could do! Read, watch, play, workout, listen to music, check Pinterest, check the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, do my homework, blog, and so much more.

If one were to magically appear, I would most definitely invest in one of these Graphic Image cases!

Do any of y'all have an iPad? Is it worth it?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Ok I don't have one! My mother has one for the sole purpose of traveling. SHE LOVES IT. She said she never thought it would be important, but it's so much easier and so powerful. Lots of people brought them to Europe and loved them. See if you can get your mom to go in on it and maybe "share?" xoxo, C

  2. I have a macbook air and an ipad...and I use the macbook air and never the ipad. I have to remind myself to use it. I feel like a bad person because of that!

  3. I have a nook color so I kept saying that I didn't need one, but then my bf got one for graduation and I'm a little obsessed!! It's great for internet browsing and there are lots of fun games..the only downside is that I really don't like reading on it since it's much bulkier than the nook..but overall I definitely think it can be a great investment..any kind of tablet or e-reader is in my opinion!

  4. Love the covers! Especially the second! I've been thinking of saving up for one too, but I'm just not sure! If you get one let me know what you think :]

    Emily :]

  5. I want an iPad SOOO bad! I know that it is completely unnecessary, but obviously that doesn't mean anything!! Too much to have a macbook, iPad, AND an iPhone?? Probably, but I want one in the worst kind of way!

  6. Its so worth it! I was unsure, but I use mine all the time and I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it. I love reading the news and my Google reader with it.

    1. I have one and loveeee it!!! I have a laptop but NEVER use it!! My iPad comes in handy everywhere I go & does so much! The only time I don't use it is to write out papers & major school work, but thats what my iMac is for! Overall it's definitely worth it!

  7. It's worth it! So much easier when you're laying in bed browsing Facebook, blogging, and Pinterest. I use my Macbook Pro for designing.

  8. Yes! I'm reading this on my iPad right now, honestly it's the BEST purchase I ever made. The cases are real cute and it's so fast. Not to mention I can do most of my homework on it!

  9. I actually am getting my Dad's old one when the third edition comes out and so excited! Not sure I'd shell out my own cash for it, though.

  10. I love my Ipad. SO nice for traveling and class. I downloaded all my books the last year of college onto it and saved so much time and money.. and my back of course! You won't regret getting one.. so amazing!



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