Dec 13, 2011

Study Tips!

A few weeks ago, one of my followers on Tumblr asked if I could do a post on tips for studying for finals!

1. Focus: Put your phone on silent, turn Self-Control on on your computer, if you have to study with music, use Pandora or your iPod

2. Be in a quiet environment: Go to the library, go to Starbucks, go to a random coffee shop, but don't study in your bedroom/dorm unless it's absolutely necessary.

3. Be comfortable, but dress for success: I wear leggings and an oxford to study in, but will wear a pencil skirt and pearls for my exam.

4. Organize your binders ahead of time: Make sure you have all of your books, notes, homework, tests and quizzes on hand so your don't have to keep hunting for things.

5. Drink water and keep healthy snacks on hand: Make sure to eat right during finals week so you don't crash and burn during the middle.

6. Sleep: Don't forget to sleep, and if you do, lots and lots of iced coffee.

7. Exercise: Yoga is a great de-stresser as well as a run.

What are your finals tips?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I really agree with study tip #2 !! I cannot get anything done in my dorm room, I'm more productive in the library !!

  2. Healthy snacks for sure! I try not to pig out while I study but sometimes I just cannot avoid buying a bag of Hershey kisses to keep me sane. The Christmas colors get me every time. But I did buy carrots, cheese, and applesauce today to get me through my last couple of days! Love your advice :)


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