Dec 10, 2011

Chair Redux & My First Pinterest Craft!

After my Grandmother passed away, I inherited her gorgeous wing-backed chair for my room. There were many redeeming qualities, such as the classic style, gorgeous wooden legs and solid frame, however there was just one problem. It was velveteen. navy. blue. Not the perfect tone for my beachy, carolina blue, white, and yellow room.  Never fear, my Mum and I spent many an hour coming through potential fabrics to find just the perfect fabric that would compliment my room.  We eventually found it and covered the chair in a style found from Sarah's House. (Quick sidenote, Tommy, come be my life coach and design my house for me, kthanks.)

I sadly don't have a before picture, but here is the after:
Not too bad, eh? I predict many cozy winter nights spent in this chair, curled up with a good book!

In other exciting news in my life, I completed my first craft/idea/insert-your-own-definition-here from Pinterest!
  I got this GENIUS headband storage idea from Hopsy! It's so easy to do and quite inexpensive! I am quite the headband as well as bow fan, so using a flour jar purchased at the beloved Target for approximately $7.97, I now have an easily accessible storage solution, and it looks pretty on my dresser!

Have you done anything from Pinterest lately? Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

{The Young Southern Prep}

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  1. I love how it turned out! I have Granny's wing back chair in storage until we have a bigger place for it go in one of our rooms but it needs to be recovered as well. It's a high back with wood trim going all the way up to the top. I'm hoping to save the project to make it for the future nursery. :)


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