Dec 15, 2011

History Exam & Hey, It's Ok

Today is the second day of Midterm Season 2K11.  Today's super fun exam is U.S. History and I'm actually really excited to take it! I'm kind of a history nerd and I really don't mind writing about things that interest me, such as the causes of the Civil War. Or Washington crossing the Delaware.

After today I only have two more midterms and I'm FREE!

Today I'm linking up with Amber for It's Ok Thursdays!

It's Ok.. be seriously considering wearing yoga pants to school, just because it's midterms week be looking forward to Hot Yoga on Friday way more than usual have consumed six Diet Cokes in the past forty-eight hours go to McDonalds after your Pre-Calc exam with AHCD, just to get fries and a sweet tea be  a brown-noser-with-a-not-so-hidden-agenda (yeah, i'm going there) while preparing your notes for your history exam, due to your OCD regarding all things historical
10 points for you if you got the Lizzie McGuire Movie reference. be more worried that you haven't watched the new Hawaii Five-O than the fact that I have no clue what I'm writing for my English essay tomorrow. not have bought a single Christmas present. There. I said it. blame everything bad I do on the fact that it is firstly, my birthday week, and secondly it's midterms week.


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. Let me be the first to say that I am a strong support of yoga pants to school, to work, etc. Do it all the time. And I'm such a history nerd too- a history major in fact. LOVE IT! Hope you did well- I'm sure you did!

  2. Thanks for the reassurance that it's okay to wear yoga pants during exams - I've been feeling like such a slob all week! I'm also glad to have found a fellow Diet Coke addict =)



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