Dec 21, 2011

Christmas List IIII

This is in a series of posts about Christmas Gifts, both my wish list and gifts for others!

If you haven't heard of the great layway payoff's of 2011, read THIS  or THIS.

The greatest words of wisdom I have ever received have been those that are a core saying of my camp: Pass It On

Three simple words. But oh, do they mean so much. 

Last week I had a five left over after picking up a few things, and I gave it to the dear sweet Salvation Army lady standing outside of my local grocer.  She turned to me and thanked me saying, "God Bless you, Young Lady, remember, you always have the Lord on your side". Will I miss that money in a week, a month, a year? No. Will I ever forget those words? No.

It's all about the little things y'all. Doing what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. I was given privilege in life for a reason. To help others. We all get caught up in finding that perfect gift, I mean, I'm guilty of this too. I'm off to drive downtown today finish up gift shopping, and I have felt stressed more than once this past week about not having the "perfect" gift.  But the best part of the holiday season, and about Passing It On in general, is that warm fuzzy feeling you get.
You can't get that warm fuzzy feeling from playing Angry Birds or COD. You can't get that warm fuzzy feeling from giving a gift card. You can't get that warm fuzzy feeling from being passive when there is work to be done.

Although I keep the mindset of Pass It On in use all year, it means the most to me during the Holidays. It's an easy time to open your heart to those in need. It's often the most publicized during this time of year. I encourage y'all to keep this state of mind all year round.

A wise person once said (because I really don't know who did), "Hold on to whatever keeps you warm inside."

Volunteering with Operation Smile keeps me warm inside. Giving keeps me warm inside.

Today I'm going to make a stop at Sears or K-Mart and pay off a toy or two on layaway.  I will never know the family or the children I'm doing this for, and they will never know what my name is.  That doesn't matter to me.

A favorite Operation Smile's Student Programs theme of mine was "We don't expect you to change the world, but what if you did?"

By doing a little bit on my part, I just changed a family's Christmas morning, a microcosm of their world.

What's keeping you warm inside this week?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. This is beautiful, Royar! I love doing a giving tree or secret giving for families during the holidays! This year I haven't found myself stressed over finding the gifts too much, but focusing on the reason for the season instead! Wonderful post, love the quotes!

  2. Royar, you really make me proud with this. You sweet sweet girl, you know the true meaning of Christmas!

  3. I had never heard of paying layaways off before, but oh my gosh that article gave me chill bumps! Thank you for sharing :)


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