Sep 14, 2011

Wild For Leopard!

Are you wild for leopard? How do you wear it?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I'm really loving the leopard belt from the Banana Republic MadMen Collection! They also have a fabulous leopard trench coat that I have my eye on.

  2. I could wear leopard head to toe, sleep in leopard sheets, and drive a leopard car and it wouldn't be enough. (One woman's "too much" is another's "not enough", that's what I always say.)

    Actually, I love a touch here or there. I have a leopard scarf that I got on clearance at Urban Outfitters that I literally wear with EVERYTHING. It jazzes up most dresses, especially black, brown, and olive. And I just ordered some leopard heels from Target that I plan to wear instead of plain brown or black pumps. Like I said: Never enough!


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