Sep 7, 2011

Fall Fundamentals: Color Palette

I love the colors of fall. They're everywhere! You see people wearing oranges, yellows and reds and then you see orange, yellow and red leaves on the trees! Sadly, my trees don't turn pink, green and turquoise when Spring rolls around, but if you find a tree that does, please let me know.

But yesterday, as I enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Fall, I realized that Summer was over, but for once I'm actually excited that Fall is here.

Essie has the colors of fall down pat.

I'm so excited to wear my plum J. Crew Corduroys, pick up my first pair of Minnie Pants, wear my new riding boots that I got in DC and have a little cold snap in the air!

Here are some of my inspirations for this fall...

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{The Young Southern Prep}

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