Sep 12, 2011

What Royar's Reading

Very inspiring book, but a little redundant

Woof. Just an awful book. No point whatsoever.

LOVED this book! Perfect guilty pleasure read.

Perfect Supplement to Skinny Bitch and The China Study

Fast paced and a good mystery

A quick chick-lit with a surprise ending.

Such a good book! The storyline is really intriguing and I love Lauren Weisberger!

What have you read lately?


{The Young Southern Prep}


  1. I LOVED "Last Night At Chateau Marmont" it was SO SO SO cute!!

  2. I agree about the "Girl in Trucks." The dumbest book ever and I cannot believe that I finished the whole book!

  3. Too bad because "Girls in Trucks" is a title that catches my eye! I'm trying to read Sense & Sensibility but schoolwork is taking over my life. I've been meaning to pick up "Summer at Tiffany's," has anyone read that?

  4. The Hallelujah Diet changed my glad you are reading it :)

    I feel like each one of Lauren Weisberger's books has gotten less and less interesting...Last Night at the Chateau Marmont wasn't nearly as good as Devil Wear Prada, though I feel like she offers us a good peek into the world of celebrities.

    I'm reading the Glass Castle, which is amazing, and can't wait to read Bergdorf Blondes when I'm finished with that!

  5. Oh, and I LOVED Remember Me! Nobody does chick lit as well as Sophie Kinsella.


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