May 9, 2013

HS Thursday: Junior Year

1. Polish That Resume | Now is the best time to polish your resume and get the club presidencies, leadership roles, and get everything in order for senior year.

2. APs | Look at taking an AP or two if colleges that you're interested in will give you credit for them. If all goes well, I will have 21 credits to go to Alabama with next fall!

3. SAT | Start getting ready for the SAT! I took my first one in March of my junior year since I was missing the May date, but the May SAT is a great starting point for your first test

4. College Tours | Start to narrow your schools down to 5-7 that you can tour. I knew that Alabama, UGA and USC were at the top of my list, and I applied to Alabama and UGA knowing I would go to either one.

5. Work Hard | Junior year is TOUGH. Go look at any of my old blog posts and you can see I was stressed out of my mind. But it was fun, and it really pays off in the end!


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