May 2, 2013

High School Thursday: Freshman // Sophomore Year

Since I casually only have three Thursday's left of high school, I'm taking a break from the College Thursday to take a trip down memory lane of high school. It's a little weird to think that I started this blog my freshman year and that I've kept it going for all four years.

1. Branch Out | High school is a fresh start so use it to expand your social circle. Try a new club or a new sport and talk to everyone. I really wish now that I had branched out more and not waited until junior or senior year.

2. Develop your study methods | Figure out what works and what doesn't work. This is time when it's okay to make a few mistakes that won't absolutely ruin your GPA or transcript. Sophomore year, think about taking an AP or two, since they definitely help!

3. College | Realize that college will eventually be on your radar but cherish the time that it isn't, aka Freshman Year. If you're super smart, or your school makes you, take the PSAT. It definitely helped me. But don't stress. Sophomore year, you can start to prepare a little bit more, think about what you want in a school towards the end of the year, and if colleges visit your school, go see them! I met my Alabama rep/admissions counselor my sophomore year and we kept in touch. She's now writing me a sorority recommendation and I've loved seeing her all three years.

4. Interests and Strengths | Start to realize what your interests are in and strengths are, and develop them! Don't ignore your negatives, but playing up your assets now will help a lot when it comes to apply to college, etc.

5. Lay groundwork | Do your homework, play sports, become well rounded. Freshman and sophomore years are when club leaders, sports teams captains, and SGA presidents are made.

My freshman year of school was different since our freshmen are still in the middle school (don't ask), so I didn't have the typical first year of high school experience. It was still great, but I  felt very removed from "high school" until sophomore year. Sophomore year I did the whole sports/homecoming/musical deal and it was such a fun year without the stress of college, but still being in the oldest division in school.

Next Thursday, back to funnest year ever Junior year!


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