May 3, 2013

Friday Five

1. In the past three days, I've turned in my final paper, project, and taken my final psychology test of high school! Yay for almost being to AP exams!

2. With decision day this week, our last senior speaker, and getting stuff ready for graduation, it's starting to hit a little more that I have 9 days of senior year left. It's just so darn bizarre.

3. I'm unfortunately babysitting Saturday night so I won't get to don my derby hat and dress, but I'm still really excited to watch The Kentucky Derby - it's a little like The Masters for me. I think the pre- and post-game are the best parts!

4. Tomorrow I'm hosting a trunk show for Just Madras at my school's field day and I'm sosososo excited! I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight!

5. Good luck to everyone studying this weekend for APs or finals and taking them in the next two weeks!!


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  1. Have so much fun with your Just Madras trunk show!! And good luck on your AP exams!


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