May 10, 2013

Friday Five

1. Last week, I gave blood for the first time since I went to India! It always makes me feel good and it is a very needed resource in our country! Please go HERE to find out how to donate!

2. Today is college shirt day and I am a little obsessed with my outfit for today. Unfortunately, I have to spend all morning taking an AP, but then it's a fun day!

3. This weekend I have a small obligation on Sunday and spin tomorrow morning, but other than that I am wide open! Unfortunately I will be studying most of the time for my two exams on Tuesday, but I might have to sneak outside to lay out a bit!

4. When I was looking for shorts to wear on t-shirt day, I stumbled across these new Callahans. How precious are they with the fireworks and fluorescence?

5. This might seem like a very "un-Royar" dress, but I'm kind of obsessed with this dress from ASOS. What do y'all think? Could I pull it off with my Jacks?



  1. I love giving blood, I do it every time they come to campus!

  2. That dress is stunning. I think every girl needs a few edgy pieces in their wardrobe! It's probably be great for college parties too! Xx


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