Nov 11, 2012

TFTW: Breaking Habits

This year has been all about habit breaking for me. For the past few years, especially at school, I've been afraid to step out of the 'bounds' that others have set, or those I think that others have set, for me. This summer and this fall, I finally decided to stop living my life from fear, especially of what other people think of me. This year, I have taken a lot of new risks, and some have immediately paid off, some have not, and some will take a little to see. Some of my risks have been those I've been waiting to do for years, and fear has kept me from doing them, a bad habit of mine.  But hey, it's senior year, I have nothing to lose, and I hope that by breaking my habits, and living with intention, my better habits will stay with me.


{The Young Southern Prep}

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